BBK Live

I’m back!

Well, sort of, my body is still aching of four days of “sleeping” in a tent in a mountain near Bilbao. But it was awesome. So, let me review all the acts that I saw from Thursday to Saturday.


The first group to perform was Of Montreal in the main stage. It was an interesting gig, and props to the guitarist for not melting during the performance.

Then I went to the second stage to see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, which was brilliant. I thought it would be a different kind of rock (given their name) but its slow but heavy rhythm was very enjoyable.

Then we stopped for twenty minutes at Future Islands. Although it is not the type of music that I enjoy, it was great for a festival. The singer (Samuel T. Herring) puts all his heart and soul (and unbelievable dance moves) into the performance. So it was a nice gig for dancing and having a nice time.

Unfortunately I had to leave early because Triggerfinger were starting in another stage. They were the best live band I saw in this festival (besides Muse, of course). They have a heavy rock sound that I love. The three members of the band are amazing players and, again, they put so much into their live show that it is impossible not to start jumping and singing, even if you haven’t heard the song before!

Mumford & Sons were the headliners and it was an enjoyable show overall. They’re a good band to hear live and everyone went crazy with their oldies CaveRoll Away Your Stone and Little Lion Man.

Finally I stayed for about two songs of Capital Cities, I really cannot stand “soft” electronic music.

Bands I (unfortunately) missed: Marmozets and Bleachers.


All in all, it was the weakest day in terms of band (sorry).

I started late with The Jesus & Mary Chain, who were performing their album “Psycho Candy” and other songs. They were okay, very nice to dance to.

I really wanted to see Alt-J but the gig was in the small stage and there were way too many people. It was asphyxiating. And there was a constant inflow and outflow of people, who prevented me from enjoying the songs.

I was exhausted when Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals started (00:35 am) so I could only listen to a couple of songs.

Bands I (unfortunately) missed: James Bay, The London Souls, Catfish & The Bottlemen.


It was the last day, it was Muse-day. I’ve been told that people started queuing at 6am, and there was fighting involved at some point, which is crazy. I have no problem in waiting for hours, and even days to get to the first row in a gig, but there is no way I’ll do this at a festival.

However, I did stay from 6pm onwards at the main stage. First was Vintage Trouble, which was mostly likely the most fun show I attended in the whole festival. The band were awesome and the music was quite upbeat and I really had a nice time dancing to it!

Then there was Kodaline, a really cute alternative band (they have been called the Irish Coldplay, I guess it is a compliment). Songs like Love Like This or High Hopes are worth checking out!

Of Monsters and Men was next. It was a pity because one of the singers was ill, so the set was shorter. It was kind of chilled-down, emotional, a good thing before a hardcore Muse gig.

And then Muse. They were as awesome as ever. We had plenty of intro and outro riffs, the brilliant Munich Jam, bombastic performances and… Citizen Erased. I cried so much. The songs from Drones sound great live (Dead Inside improves quite a lot) and they also played some of the classics, but by no means less enjoyable, such as HysteriaSupermassive Black Hole, and Plug in Baby.