Food in the City #2

Well, the day-to-day struggle of being in a PhD program gives few opportunities to enjoy the variety of food available in New York.

For the last two months I’ve basically survived on

  • No_rest_for_the_grad_students_that_have_a_metrics_midterm_on_Monday__gradlife__teacherscollege__columbiauniversity__econometrics__studying
    As much as I may complain about libraries around here, I’m so grateful they have some areas where you can eat food and study!

    meal prep.

    • This involved a further knowledge of the differences between shopping in Spain vs. US. It took me a while to realise that, except for vegetable milk, dairy milks are always refrigerated. In my country you can buy three or four and keep them in your pantry for a month or so. Does that mean it has more additives? Maybe, but it’s so convenient, given that sometimes when I buy milk it expires in less than a week!
    • What do I have to do so that there’s a Trader Joe’s near the CU campus? And no, the one on 72nd street doesn’t count. It feels so awkward to take the subway back home with a load of groceries, being a nuisance to pretty much everyone around me.
  • extremely simple and fast dinners.Light_dinner_and_Math__Tomato_soup_from_Trader_Joe_s_is_the_best___norestforthewicked__norestforgradstudents__gradlife__maths__healthyfood__tomatosoup__salad__spinach__kale__food
  • frozen meals, every time I had one of these a part of my soul died.
  • the occasional free food in campus, which isn’t as healthy as I wished it would be. But, hey, it’s free!
  • Having_a_healthy_lunch__Thanks__sweetgreen__you_ll_be_certainly_seeing_me_again___salad__lunch__avocobbo__sweetgreen__healthyfood__foodie__newyorkadventuresand the slightly-overpriced custom salads at Sweetgreens after realising I couldn’t possibly eat grocery-store bought sandwiches on a weekly basis.

But after the end of midterms I decided that I should go out at least a couple of times!

2015-10-28 20.33.21-2

On the first day I had two slices of pizza at the Famous Famiglia Pizzeria near campus. I was feeling particularly miserable that day so I ordered the cheese slice with extra cheese. Yes. That’s a lot of cheese. I only realised this afterwards, usually the type of cheese slices you get in Spain (or in cheaper places in NYC) have a ironically small amount of cheese on them.

A couple of days after I went shopping for a winter coat, boots, and all sorts of wintery attire around Midtown with a friend. After that we ended up having dinner in K-Town. Our first stop was in Woorjip, where you can either buy ready-made food packages or fill your plate in a buffet. It was my first experience with Korean food and I really liked it! It has a spicy flavour that is quite different from what I’m used to and it was very tasty.

2015-10-28 21.33.37After that I discovered the existence of that wonderful place called Spot Desert Bar. When I told my friends about this place they weren’t very impressed. Is it simply a restaurant that only serves sweet stuff? An over-priced café or pastry shop? Not quite! I do agree that it is expensive, but the deserts (not pastries) are really elaborated and delicious. My friend and I shared two and both were heavenly. I think it’s a place where you’d go with three or four friends, order one desert each and share!


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