Settling in

It has been almost a week since I arrived to NYC and I still have another one until the craziness starts.

During these days I’ve been going around submitting files, signing papers (my first apartment lease, I almost feel like an adult!), and general administrative stuff.

I also had to move in to my new apartment, which I share with someone else. My room is larger than the one in Barcelona, it also has a window facing Broadway. Besides a desk, chair, bed, and drawer, my room was completely empty. So I went three times to Bed, Bath, and Beyond (the US equivalent to IKEA I guess) to buy all sorts of stuff.

I admit, three times may sound like two more than a normal person should need, but for me it was the first time I moved into somewhere new. For my whole life I had been living in the same apartment (with my parents) so there were a lot of things like rubbing alcohol, dishes, kitchen paper, trash bins and trash bags, that were simply there, in apparently endless supply.

Therefore, it was a gradual process for me to realise what was missing or what I needed.

During these days I’ve also had the time to familiarise myself with the neighbourhood I live in. It is certainly not such a frantic and exciting environment as in Downtown but I actually don’t mind much!

See? They even have a green top like zucchinis!

There are two bookshops five minute from where I live and the most-admired New York Public Library (I plan to become a member really soon). On the practical side, there are also several supermarkets.

But then there are the huuuuuuge supermarkets where you can find everything. I’m still in awe of the 10-meter corridor full of all the types of milk you could ever imagine. They even had Downton tea! I did not even see it when I was in the UK! Despite having a much wider variety of pretty much everything in the US, there is one aspect where I’m sure to miss Spain: meat and fish. In big supermarkets you can, of course, find fresh meat and fish, but most of the time it is already sliced (never trust already sliced fish!) or frozen. Also, there is certainly less variety, especially for fish. I’m sure I’ll manage to survive and I’m looking forward to the new types of food I’ll discover!

But there is nothing like a good Spanish jamón.

Just a short note, I’ve just seen a video where someone claims they can make sushi filled with chips. NO. I’m all for trying new things in the kitchen but this is a sacrilege akin to butter-fried oysters.

I’ve mostly eaten at home but yesterday some friends invited me to have brunch where I had some amazing lemon-ricotta pancakes. Yes, I know two lines above I was criticising American cuisine but… this is completely different! Right? It’s not as if I’d go for pancakes or french toasts (which I must admit are far superior to the Spanish torrijas) every morning but it’s certainly something I’d treat myself to if I wanted to celebrate anything.

Anyway, today I’ll be (almost) done with all the productive stuff I had to do so hopefully I’ll be able to explore a little bit more of the city.


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