Untranslatable Words: Postureo

Many years ago I learned the value of a good translation. It was during my last year in high school, when our Spanish teacher gave us a poem by Lorca that had already been translated to French and asked us to translate it back to Spanish. Even if I had been at the Lycée Français for 15 years and was about to pass the Baccalauréat, I found this to be a painstaking and almost impossible task.

Once it was done she gave us the original poem for us to compare and realise how different in meaning and feeling the three versions were.

I enjoy learning new languages. Not only because then I can read more books in their “original” form, but also because it enriches by vocabulary. There are words in every language that are untranslatable.

Postureo-onOne example is postureo. Postureo is when a person does something, or pretends to like it, because he or she believes she will then be considered cool.

I recently went to a music festival in Bilbao, which was a fine occasion to witness several examples.

When I was at the main stage waiting for Muse four people – two men and two women  –decided to stand in front of us, despite of arriving later than my group. The two guys were super tall and it was obvious they went to the gym. So, of course it was very difficult for everyone behind to see anything.

On top of that, when the concert started, the two guys pulled out their expensive mobile phones and recorded the whole concert. But the worst part is that none of them knew the songs, they did not even jump or dance, or appear to enjoy the concert. But going to a festival is cool, showing to your friends that you did or on Instagram is cool. 

And postureo is a not very nice way to define this attitude or people who do such. 

Well, I’m off to the UK, I will try to write about my journey.

See you!


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