Back to zero.

This is not a good way to start.

I had written a very nice introduction, full of witty but clever comments. But no, apparently I haven’t yet seen how to save a post in WordPress.

Let’s start over.

To whomever might me reading this, now or in the future:


I’m Teresa, from Barcelona, but in a month I’ll be moving to New York City. I don’t think I will never fully understand what this means. It’s quite likely that for the first months I wake up everyday and wonder what I am doing in this place.

Oh, as you may have guessed, English is not my first language –hopefully because of the name of my hometown and not my faulty English. So I already apologize for any grammatical errors or weird sentences I could come up with in future posts. But I’m digressing.

This is not my first blog. I started one when I was … 15? or 16?  and I’ve kept updating more or less regularly throughout the years. Why a new blog? Well, moving to the US is quite a big change in my life, so I felt that it was the right moment to start a new blog.

My previous blog was mostly based on book reviews, and I wish this one to be broader in the scope of topics covered. So expect recipes, accounts on my travels, posts on what is on my mind at the moment, together with some music, books, and movies. However, do not expect regular updates, especially when the academic year starts. Although I’ll try to use this blog as a way of efficient procrastination, and as an alternative to continuously opening and closing Facebook.

In Spanish we say “What is good, if short, it is twice as good”. Thus, having made the appropriate introduction for this blog, I bid you farewell.


6 thoughts on “Back to zero.

  1. Pues yo aquí me vengo, que descubrí tu antiguo blog hace solo unos meses y quiero un poco más, y así de paso practico mis habilidades de lectura en inglés 🙂 Mucha suerte con esta nueva etapa.


  2. Yossi Barzilai

    Nice!!! imjust hope you don’t let your first blog die, it’s been a part of you for a while and the result of yeaes of continuous effort. How long will you bi in NYC? Have lots of fun there, remember you’re in the so called “best city in the world”


    1. No worries 😉 Actually, my plan was to abandon it completely, but now that you mention it I will try to update it now and then. I’ll stay in NYC for the next five years and, after that, who knows!


  3. Hi darling Tere… sorry for not reading this yesterday as I was away from home, but I am here now, it does still count, doesn’t it?

    You know (because we’ve talked about this) how excited I am for you, for this new adventure you’re about to begin in a short while… I hope you keep in touch with your friends here and know that you’re supported in the distance, like we’ve supported you so far (I hope you felt it that way). Oh please tell us everything! your thoughts and experiences, your discoveries, your daily shenanigans… we’d love to hear from you as often as you can!

    I am also looking forward to see you in a week or two! I’m going to give you the massivest of hugs, so people please make room for us! we need space!!!!

    I love you Tere. And I admire you, and I’m proud of you.

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